Production de semences obs

Seed production is the final phase, the one that embodies the work of varietal creation and all the associated experimentation.

The OBS has 6 hectares of land covered for seed production: from basic lots to commercial seed lots.
Seed production is carried out under shelters in watertight and isolated compartments so as to avoid any unwanted fertilization.

To ensure fertilization, the OBS uses different types of pollinators depending on the species:
bees, flies and other pollinating insects.

Production de semences obs

Controlled varietal purity

Thanks to a drastic organization,
The OBS controls the varietal purity of the batches produced:

  • Controls at each stage and scrubbing
  • Weed control and rotation management
  • Shelters equipped with insect-proof sails

A controlled identification at each stage of the production process allows us to display total traceability.

Optimised germinative quality

Germanic quality is optimized by:

  • Management of crop conditions (climate, fertilisation, etc.) and storage
  • Control of sanitary quality in cultivation and storage
  • Organized controls throughout harvesting, threshing, drying, etc.

The OBS is responsible for the production of conventional and organic seeds. You can download your certifications on the page “Quality and certifications”.

The OBS is able to respond to all requests for seed production services.

Do not hesitate to contact us.