Drastic quality standards

All products marketed by the OBS meet precise standards allowing us to guarantee you quality seeds.
The OBS makes every effort to improve the quality of these products

  • Quality safety : each seed lot is subject to controls to ensure its quality and compliance.
  • Evaluation security : before they are marketed, the OBS submits all its varieties to the regional experimentation network organised by the producers.
  • Security of supply : our commitment: to meet 100% the demand for our seeds.

Here are the most important standards

Espèce concernée Critère Norme officielle * Norme professionnelle**
Chou-fleur Faculté germinative  70 % 90 % 
Pureté variétale / 90 %
Echalote Taux de déchets
Taux de virus
< à 5 % 
Oignon Faculté germinative  70 %  90 % 
Coco de Paimpol Faculté germinative  75 %  85 % 
Persil Faculté germinative  65 %  87 % 

* Official standard: see Technical Regulation for the Control of Standard Vegetable Seed of 4 November 1994 (GNIS/SOC) or Directive 2002/55/CR of 13 June 2002
** Professional standard: the ESA (European Seeds Association) precision seed standards. ESA.02.0033.1 of 19/07/2002

Permanent quality controls

All products distributed by the OBS are subject to quality checks before marketing.

On the seeds
Each seed lot has been checked for genetic conformity, germination and health status.

On the shallot plants
The production of certified shallot plants is subject to quality control and certification by the SOC (Official Control and Certification Service).

Since 2004, the OBS has been implementing a quality management system to improve its customers’ satisfaction through its ISO 9001 certification.

UFS and ESA recommendations

Learn more about UFS and ESA recommendations on the use of treated seeds
(Regulation 11/07/2009, which came into force on 14/06/2011), consult the following document: