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OBS INNOVATION brings together all OBS research activities

OBS INNOVATION benefits from powerful tools and specialists to create new varieties of vegetables.

The climate changes we are currently experiencing have impacts on the behavior of plants but also on diseases and pests. At the same time, the expectations of the society are to limit synthetic products while having tasty and attractive foods. Varietal renewal is therefore becoming a major issue in the 21st century to meet the expectations of producers and consumers.

At our scale, the OBS already has a dozen varieties of cauliflower resistant to the fungus (Mycosphaerella), the most harmful on this crop: this allows producers not to have to apply fungicides. We have also developed the mildew resistant shallot variety Méloine and are testing others on a large scale before marketing. But this is just the beginning… Do not hesitate to consult the testimonials of some members of our team to get to know us better.